11 Gorgeous Ideas That Will Change The Way You See Cork Board

These ideas will add pizzaz to your home AND please mother earth

By Hometalk Highlights

Like this gorgeous holiday door decor

Connect three cork boards and style them according to season to get the most adorable door decor.

Like this retro family vacation memory board

Record your adventures by pasting a map to cork board & pinning the places you’ve been together.

Like this efficient weekly organizer

Put cardboard over cork board & arrange it according to the days of the week.

Like this craft room mood board

Get inspired! Frame your cork board and fill its blank canvas with your favorite material.

Like this alternating wall art

Swap cards, pictures and flowers alternatively and let your artistic spirit soar.

Like these extra surfaces for your notes

Need a reminder? Problem solved with these cork board additions to your console table.

Like this funky & fun desk organizer

You'll want to make sure your desk is neat and you've got no papers lying around.

Like this boutique worthy jewelry holder

Use cork board to get the classiest jewelry organizer in town!

Like this piece of boho art

Trying covering cork board with your favorite fabric and pin up your best prints.

Like this cute wall decor for your kid

Ugly brown cork board getting you down? Wrap it in the fabric of your choice & make your kids smile!