Make Your Own Wood Block Stocking Holders

This is a very easy and inexpensive project. The hardest part of the whole thing was finding a photo of myself to put on my block — the norm for someone who is usually behind the camera!

If I can whip out five of these stocking holders in no time, I know you can, too. Let me show you how:
wood block stocking holders

STEP 1: Spray paint hardware in a well ventilated area.

I gave my hooks and screw faces 2-3 coats of glossy black spray paint. If you want white hooks, then you can obviously skip this step.
wood block stocking holders

STEP 2: Using a miter saw, cut a 2x4" stud into blocks of two sizes: 6" and 4".

Be sure to start by cutting a clean straight edge, and then measure from there to cut your wood block pieces.
wood block stocking holders

The 6" pieces are the standing blocks for displaying your photos; the 4" pieces serve as the bases.

STEP 3: Sand and stain.

A 2x4 stud isn't a fine piece of wood; it's cheap ($3) and usually pretty banged up. {But I got all five of my holders with plenty to spare out of one 8' stud.} Giving it a good sanding will clean up your blocks while maintaining the "rustic" look of the piece.

After you've finished sanding, wipe the blocks clean with a damp towel.
wood block stocking holders

Once the blocks are clean and dry, apply a stain based on your preference. I mixed two stains — Minwax's weathered oak and a spoonful of ebony — and gave the blocks two solid coats. I didn't poly them after they dried, but feel free if you'd like. Let them dry overnight.

STEP 4: Assemble the wood block stocking holders.

Center the 6" standing block perpendicularly on top of the 4" base and drill two pilot holes. The pilot holes should go completely through the base and slightly into the standing block. Next, drill two 3" wood screws through the base just until they are peeking out. Align the screw tips with the pilot holes in the standing block and drive in until slightly below the surface.
wood block stocking holders

There are many fancier ways to join two pieces of wood, but this was easy and plenty for the purpose they serve. Clean up any splintering with some gentle sanding that preserves the stain.

STEP 5: Add hooks and adhere clips.

Screw the hooks into the center front of the base. I touched up any paint that chipped off of the screws with a black Sharpie marker.

If you're using mini wooden clothespins, simply adhere with wood glue to the top center of the standing block. For these carousel clips, I removed the hanging hook with a pair of wire cutters, scuffed up the back with sandpaper and glued.
wood block stocking holders

And now they perfectly complement my rustic Christmas mantel decor. The black and white photos and natural stain blend well with the fresh garland and pinecones. I also like that the hooks serve a dual purpose in hanging our stockings along with the garland and that I can update my family's photo each year.
wood block stocking holders
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Suggested materials:

  • 2" x 4" x 8' stud
  • Miter saw / drill
  • Sander / sandpaper
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