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Cascading Presents From Santa's Bag

I made a floating pitcher with cascading flowers that sits on my kitchen counter next to my sink. So, the other day while washing dishes and looking at the pitcher, I had a crafting moment of creating the illusion of presents spilling out of Santa's bag, cascading down to the base of a Christmas tree. How cool would that be!
Difficulty: Easy
I remember seeing little wrapped presents at the dollar store and I already had a small tree, so next, I had to make a simple no-sew Santa bag and then, put it all together. Let's begin by making the Santa's bag - Cut a piece of fleece 12"x7"
Fold the ends over 1/2" and iron the folds for grooves for the drawstrings. Open crease and place a ruler 1/8" away from edge to keep the glue in check. Then apply fabric glue along the fabric edge.
Cut two 12" cords and place one on open fold and close, sealing the fabric together. Run fingers along edge securing the fabric together. Repeat steps on opposite end.
Place ruler 1/8" from edge and run a bead of fabric glue halfway along the long edge. Do the same on the opposite side and fold the bag close, sealing the side edges with your fingers. Once dry, knot the drawstring ends.
Turn bag inside out.
Next, place a small amount of poly-fil in corners of bag to fill out. Then cut the larger foam ball in half and insert into bag at an angle. Bend the floral stem into a slight L shape and place into foam and secure with glue and let dry.
Cut a small foam ball in half and glue in place on wood base. Add a bit of glue onto base of tree and insert into foam ball. Let dry. Place a mound of hot glue on wood base and insert a slightly bent end of the floral stem. Hold and let glue set up. Once dry, add more hot glue to top of floral stem, sealing in place. Hold floral stem until glue sets up and dries.
Begin gluing presents into opening of Santa's bag and around stem . . .
cascading down and around the base of the tree. Add a few ornaments and or lights to the tree and you're all set!
Ready to decorate the kitchen or elsewhere!

Materials used for this project:

  • Packaged wrapped presents   (Dollar Tree)
  • Small tree/wood base
  • Styrofoam balls
See all materials

To see more: http://www.purplehuesandme.com/2016/12/cascading-presents-from-santas-bag.html

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