Install lighting under your kitchen cabinets

Forget complicated lighting, this only takes 30 minutes with command hooks.

Hide all those pesky desk cords

Make your desk look neat and pretty without any cords hanging around.

Build an indoor herb garden

Place your favorite herbs in mugs, hang them on your wall with hooks, and voila!

Hang a Christmas tree on your wall

Don’t have room for a tree? Make one with boughs and hooks.

Store all of your plastic bags under the sink

If you use these bags for your bathroom trash bin, this is a great idea for keeping them on hand.

Keep your apron on hand

If you need a place to hang your apron, place a command hook on a wall.

Organize your copious amount of ties

Hang a cooling rack with command hooks for an instant tie rack.

Declutter your kitchen countertop

Use a curtain rod and some command hooks to hang all of those things that take up precious space.

Hang your own mobile without drilling a hole

You can basically hang anything from the ceiling this way without damaging it.

Create perfectly pleated curtains

Replace your curtain rod for some hooks and you’ll get that pleated look you’ve always wanted.

Keep your wrapping paper wrinkle free

This makeshift wrapping station can fit on any door and keeps your paper intact.

Hang your long necklaces and jewelry

Keep everything untangled with this brilliant idea to hang it on the wall.

Keep your sunglasses and keys on hand

Make sure you never leave the house without them with this simple idea.

Organize your pots and lids

Hang the lids on your cabinet door with command hooks instead of cluttering your drawer.