Draw with a crayon for a crackled glass look

This brilliant idea doesn’t take long to do, and the result is amazing. Get tutorial here

Marbelize it with nail polish

This is so much fun and the result is gorgeous. Get tutorial here

Or paint on a floral pattern

This isn’t everyone’s taste, but it’s still a very cool technique. Get tutorial here

Glue on gold dots for a chic transformation

Your regular bottle vase will look so much better after this. Get tutorial here

Upgrade them with temporary tattoos

Give your boring vase a metallic feel with some easily removable tattoos. Get tutorial here

Spray paint the inside for a swirl effect

This cheap vase got a total transformation in about 5 minutes. Get tutorial here

Drizzle in some vibrant colors

Drip them inside for a unique and bright vase. Get tutorial here

Wrap it in sisal rope for a beachy vibe

You cover up the boring glass and get this cool vase instead. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a sea glass vase

With some food coloring and glue, this is the easiest way to upgrade your vase. Get tutorial here

Add a tribal design with a glue gun

Use a glue gun to add a pattern on your vase. Then paint it over. Get tutorial here

Add gold stripes with spray paint

This look is totally chic and take about 10 minutes to do. Get tutorial here

Add some wavy lines with rubber bands

Stick rubber bands on, and then spray paint it for a very modern look. Get tutorial here