20 Ways You Never Thought of Using Wallpaper

It's not just for your walls

By Hometalk Highlights

Create geometric wall art

Frame some wallpaper for very cool and innovative wall art. (Adventures in Creating)

Give your metal trash bin a makeover

You’ll be happy to show off your bin, and won’t be as inclined to hide it in a corner. (Pillar Box Blue)

Make over an old cabinet

You can’t do this with just paint.

Transform your kitchen pantry

If your pantry is boring, put in some wallpaper, and you’ll love it every time you get an ingredient. (Cindi)

Line your junk drawer with it

It will help you keep your junk drawer organized, because you’ll want to see the pretty lining.

Create a chic and stylish backsplash

This temporary wallpaper was the key to getting an easy subway tile look. (The Crazy Craft Lady) (The Crazy Craft Lady

Upcycle an old lampshade

This is an easy hack to give your lampshade a makeover. (Pillar Box Blue)

Add some pattern to your stairs

The mix of wallpaper patterns made these risers really pop.

Upgrade a tray into a stylish drink server

You’ll be happy to serve drinks on a tray as cool as this. (Viva la Vintage For Your Home)

Transform your boring old wicker

This old wicker box got a whole new look with some wallpaper. (The Tattered Rabbit)

Give you renter white cabinets a new look

The best part is you can take them down without any damage.

Make your closet more exciting

This closet was plain and simple until it got a makeover with floral wallpaper.

Add an exciting textured colored ceiling

Wallpaper pushes the boundaries on your ceiling possibilities.

Make your pantry look organized

Add some design to the back of your pantry and you’ll be motivated to keep it organized. (Tidbits & Twine)

Make the insides of your cabinets pop

With just a bit of wallpaper, this cabinet never looked better.

Give your bathroom a wow factor

This shimmery wallpaper entirely transformed the entire bathroom.

Upgrade your coffee table with a leather top

Who knew that this faux leather was actually a piece of paintable wallpaper?

Make your chest look engraved with design

This silver chest looks absolutely amazing with the painted wallpaper.

Give your walls some cool patterns and style

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that the original use works wonders, too. (Bigger Than the Three of Us)