Make Your Home Smell Amazing With These DIY Winter Scent Ideas

Your home is about to smell AH-mazing!

By Hometalk Highlights

These cinnamon dough ornaments

They smell good and they are perfect for the winter holidays!

These orange clove wax tarts

Stick them wherever you need some yummy freshness.

This pumpkin and apple homemade room spray

It’s all natural, and it smells divine when you cook it.

This apples and oranges crock pot freshener

Leave this in your crock pot overnight, and you’ll have a yummy smelling home in the morning.

This homemade orange and rose spray

We’re already imagining how delicious this would smell.

This boiling spice with cloves and cinnamon

You boil the scent on your stove and it remains for hours.

This cranberries and orange fragrance

All you need to do is set it on the stove top.

This Rosemary oil plug-in refill

We’re never buying refills at the store again.

These cinnamon scented pine cones

They smell good and they looks great, too.

These fresh pine needle sachets

Now you can take the smell of Christmas with you anywhere you go.

These orange pomanders that hang on your tree

They’re probably the best smelling ornaments you will have this year.