Asked on Nov 27, 2013

Prescription bottles

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I always wonder what i can make with old prescription bottles, I throw away a few every month and hate to waste anything. Any Ideas?
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  • Christy D.
    on Nov 27, 2013

    I have the same issue. I hate throwing things away. I can't wait to see what people come up with for this one.

  • Trev Sherrod
    on Nov 27, 2013

    use them as storage containers---nails, screws, tacks or beads. I also use them for buttons, pins and earrings.

  • Linda Wetherell
    on Nov 28, 2013

    fish hooks and weights

  • Julie Plutowski
    on Nov 28, 2013

    I store garden seeds in them after we have opened the package. I cut down the package and tape to the outside of the bottle.

  • Danica Muller
    on Nov 28, 2013

    For traveling, use them to store q-tips :)

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  • Robin Miller Cresci
    on Nov 28, 2013

    Loose change, beads, Geocaches!!

  • Becky
    on Nov 28, 2013

    I have done all the above but big on putting quarters in them. One full bottle is 10.00 for the laundrymat...! Or. you can give one bottle to a homeless person....!

  • Robin Norris
    on Nov 28, 2013

    If you know anyone going on medical mission trips, they often need plastic prescription bottles. Call some local churches.

  • Carla Seif
    on Nov 28, 2013

    thank you for all the ideas :)

  • Carla Seif
    on Nov 28, 2013

    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Cynthia H
    on Nov 28, 2013

    I like mine for extra small storage. It's amazing how much they hold. They also hold small earrings for travel. I also donate empty ones to a local church, after removing the label, who then give them to a local free clinic for re use.

  • TJ
    on Nov 29, 2013

    We are lucky that we can recycle them in our county. I use to save them cuz, I too, hated throwing them away but I could never think of enough ideas for so many.

  • Pam Hearold
    on Nov 29, 2013

    my pharmacy recycles mine as I turn them in on refills . not sure if they take extras ,u can only ask, I use Super 1 & Fred's in they are in your area .I would think they would be glad to get them back to save them money she said they send back to the bottle company , never hurts to ask ???

  • Carla, Use them to make Christmas Ornaments, you know..imagine.. can you imagine a miniature snowman, santa, elf, tree ornaments too. For social activities use the lids for checkers, be cautious having them around tiny tots (put in their mouth and possibly choke.) Or paint them to make silly faces, gingerbread man. Make your own baby rattler, fill the bottles with beans or rice etc....With your larger bottles use for your homemade bullbbles. If anyone use any of the ideas will you please share with me and all the group at HOME TALK. Oh yea! Maybe I will try some of these projects myself. I hope this will give you some ideas.

  • Jeanette S
    on Nov 29, 2013

    Most of my meds come in plastic bottles shaped like a bottle with screw caps that have a place for a piece of paper to label them under the cap and are about 3" tall. I peel off the label and reuse them. I also take the labels off small plastic containers that seem handy. I keep a bottle of "GOO GONE" to get the sticky off if necessary. Since they are clear amber, I put safety pins, buttons, beads, etc. in them in the sewing area or in my medicine cabinet in my dressing room...always need a pin for something!

  • Karen B
    on Nov 29, 2013

    Our local clothing closet takes them and dispenses shampoo for homeless and needy to use when thy have access to showers in shelters!

    • Bernice H
      on Nov 29, 2013

      @Karen B Good for you.That is another good idea! I have done this when traveling, especially on airplanes, creams etc work just fine. (however I do put them in a plastic bag JUST in case they leak). When packing I also can put each day's meds in a separate container and label each day. I used to do that with the film containers. Remember them????

  • Louann
    on Nov 29, 2013

    Go to they can also be used as an emergency kit.. bandages, waterproof matches, things that are small... something that can be put in a car, it's good thing.. have fun..

  • Leah Bening
    on Nov 30, 2013

    Agree with Louann and love the idea of using them in homeless shelters or disaster situations? I've read they are also great for keeping matches, etc. dry for emergency kits and putting spices in for camping trips too. I hope that helps. The readers have such great tips!

  • Patricia W
    on Nov 30, 2013

    Wash them out in hot water and soap before you do anything. I store buttons, extra needles, and sewing items in them.

  • Debbie Harris
    on Nov 30, 2013

    Google prescription bottle craft ideas then click images and voila! There is everything from wreaths to glitter, sewing and crayon storage

  • Brenda
    on Dec 1, 2013

    my husband uses them for coins.

  • Suzette Trimmer
    on Dec 1, 2013

    Out of sheer desperation as to what to do with SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many empty RX bottles I just had to figure out a use for these. First logically I contacted all and I do man all the major chains to see if they offered or would consider a rewards program for returned clean bottles or at least use my old bottle instead of new. NO WAY!!!!!!!! I do not blame the lawyers I blame the greedy ones who sue instead of work. Another topic another day.My uses for the unwanted other then recycle bin are the following, change coin holders in car, seed containers for they keep direct sunlight out of the containers. Also like mentioned above several are always in purse for numerous small amounts of God knows what when you can and do need to use. Hand sanitizer, lotion, anitboitic cream, band aids all sizes, larger ones to stuff or roll receipts in. Thumb tacks holders paper clip containers, loss glitter a God sent, give one in each child's back pack for anything that falls off or comes off buttons etc. so I know where to find to sew back on. Grandchildren use them in summer to catch bugs and release of course. But to the heart of the matter when it comes to these over abundance of bottles that are not biodegradeable in land fills. We as a society Must speak up and make the manufacturers take em back sterilize then reuse. Something without the worry of any one or someone being sued, for a common sense solution to another source of pollution.

  • Phyllis Mcdaniel
    on Dec 6, 2013

    if you sew, for my square bottles, I cut off the top of the bottle, cut out a small u shape in the now top of the bottle,for thread to ride, burn a hole in the center bottom, wrap top edge with duct tape, keeping the u shape cut out in tact, set it on thread spindle, NOW, for the finished product, I use this to set my spools of thread in on top of the sewing machine, it keeps your thread from winding around under the spool, so you don't have too much tension and thread breakage.

  • Gwen Harrison
    on Dec 7, 2013

    Can also be used to store Q-tips when traveling.

  • Kathe
    on Dec 5, 2017

    Two things: Attach a rock to lid and put a key inside. Then bury it. Instant hide-a-key. OR make a windchime from spray painted colored bottles.
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