A snowman themed hanging planter with holly

Holly is the perfect winter bloom and with the right touch of Christmas it can brighten up your porch.

A hanging plant for your window made from PVC

This succulent plant is nestled in a PVC cap and hung with leather. Perfect for cold days.

A galvanized bucket for your winter porch

The sturdy metal looks great with holly in winter but are great all year round planters. Rustic too!

A repurposed copper sugar holder in your hall

Remind yourself of the greenery of summer when you walk through the door.

A porch planter for evergreens & tree birch

Instead of neglecting those large porch planters fill them with winter greens and keep them warm.

An indoor mason jar herb garden

Want to continue growing your herb garden in winter? Glam up some mason jars and breathe green.

A hanging basket full of cold weather plants

All the winter greenery freshness in one place will make your stuffy home fragrant & verdant.

A cork board sleeved glass planter

Cultivate your succulents and keep them snug with this cork board coffee sleeve.

A polymer clay hanging planter for air plants

Create geometric shapes out of your clay to add dashes of greenery to a cold home.

A repurposed picture frame shelf planter

When it feels like summer is far off, hang this overflowing greenery in your bedroom.

An indoor raining plant hanger

You could literally feel like you’re in the middle of spring with this project.

A cake dish turned indoor planter

Winter blues getting you down? Try filling a glass cake stand to get a Springtime planter.

A soup can herb garden

Save your garden during winter! Dip cans in paint then replant. Phew.