Upgrade Your Boring Cabinets With These 11 Knob Ideas

A tiny change, a big impact!

By Hometalk Highlights

Add a touch of rustic to them with stones

Glue river stones to cap nuts with epoxy and you’ve got a rustic cabinet pull.

Glam them up with a little bit of quartz

To get this boho look you simply need to glue crystal on brackets with some E-6000. So chic!

Mold them into works of art with clay

Use polymer clay to customize your pulls and give your cabinet or drawer pull a touch of elegance.

Attach a marble to them for a glassy effect

Want something funky and fun for your kitchen cabinet knob? Try gluing a marble to flat surfaced knob pieces.

Wrap them in plastic wrap & decoupage them

Print out your favorite pattern, cut it out to fit the knob front and wrap! So gorgeous!

Spray paint them an elegant color

Make your cabinets pop by spray painting them a contrasting color.

Transfer a silhouette onto them

Use a little Mod Podge and some darkened profiles to get this quirky antique look for your cabinet doors. (The Graphics

Make them out of soda bottle caps

Use jewelry pliers to shape them and then fill them with adhesive. Vintage and cute for your kitchen!

Style them from ceramic

An easy kitchen redo? Get inspired by your kitchen ceramics and fashion the knobs after them.

Paint them with a special design

With the right sized drawer pull you could customize your design.