16 Affordable Ways to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

Whether it's making your house more cozy or warming it up, everyone needs to see this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Cozy up your vases with old sweaters

Place a candle inside and you’ll add a glowing light to this adorable idea.

Make an Anthro inspired pom pom wreath

Who says wreaths can only be for Christmas? This warm wreath will last you all winter.

Make your own space heater with a terra cotta

This will keep you warm and costs a fraction of an electric space heater.

Use your old comfy sweater as a pillow cover

This makes snuggling up on a couch even more cozy.

Or make some covers out of plaid shirts

We love this wintery look, especially those cute little buttons on the pillows.

Add a faux brick wall in your living room

This will add insulation, and the red bricks create a warm atmosphere.

Weave a rug out of T-shirt scraps

Your feet will be so much happier if they walk on this in the morning than on your cold floor.

Or repurpose a fur coat into a rug

This not only luxurious, it feels so good to walk on.

Create a cup cozy for your mug

Nothing makes you feel warmer than sipping a hot cup of coffee, so why not do it with a snug sleeve?

Add a faux fireplace with logs

It might not actually give off heat, but you’ll feel warmer just looking at it.

Knit your own chunky big blanket

A thick blanket like this makes the entire room feel cozy, and it actually does keep you warm.

Make your own scented wax candle

Not only does this smell delicious, it also makes your house feel warmer.

Set up a hot cocoa stand

What’s more cozy than sipping on cup of hot cocoa?

Make your own etched glass candle holders

Your candles will glow so much more and make your home even cozier.

Make your own door threshold

Prevent drafts from coming in with an up to date threshold on your door.