Hate Your Dreary Laundry Room? Try These 13 Cute Ideas

You’ll never shun that room again!

By Hometalk Highlights

Make a pegboard wall

Maximize your small laundry room space with pegboard, bright colors and get organized!

Turn an ironing board into a laundry center

Paint it a bright blue and attach baskets and you’ve got a fun hanging center.

Add quirky messages on surfaces

Cover the cabinets in chalkboard contact paper or add a funny decal to the dryer.

Repurpose pallets into a drying rack

Need more room to hang clothes to dry? Two pallets and stencil and voila! Gorgeous.

Create a collapsible folding table with art

This piece of wall art doubles as a folding table! You’ll only need canvas, a plank, pulls and hooks.

Hang storage cubbies for kids

Make the wall facing your appliances a mini mud room with fun cubbies and racks.

Stencil your washer & dryer

Add touches to your appliances with the pattern of your choice & make laundry fun again.

Use a curtain to hide your equipment

If you’ve been forced to plop your laundry room in your basement use a pretty curtain to hide it.

Paint a faux subway tile wall

When natural light isn’t an option add some bright white subway tile to liven that space up!

Revamp your clothes hampers

Paint your old grungy hampers & add some loop labels to get these fun and funky laundry reminders.

Liven a wall up with shiplap

If you’ve got a boring laundry room & some spare pallets, create an accent wall to make things pop.

Mount plenty of baskets

Overwhelmed? Get organized and do it in a pretty way. This rustic basket ware is too cute.

Put up cheerful wall art

Try being cheeky with & make your wall art "laundry" themed to take the edge off of laundry doldrums.