What to do with a peeling paint on the front entry door?

What to do with a peeling paint on the front entry door 🚪 please any ideas, I just purchased this door five years ago for $ 950 from Home Depot.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 27, 2016
    What is the door made out of?
  • William William on Dec 27, 2016
    Also, did it come painted or did you paint it?
  • Mimid1224 Mimid1224 on Dec 27, 2016
    Yes , the door was already painted like wine cherry color , I went back to the store explaining my problem, the manager told me that they can't help me , the job was not done by them, because I had hired someone else to do it. It seems like the finishing glazing part is what 's coming off .
  • William William on Dec 28, 2016
    Its possible the paint wasn't fully cured when the finish was put on or the finish glazing wasn't UV or exterior rated. Also its possible the finish glazing wasn't compatible to the paint used. A photo would help.
  • Bonnie Bonnie on Dec 28, 2016
    If your door is directly facing west, the paint has probably peeled due to sunlight breaking down the paint and making it brittle. If it was factory painted when you bought it, I would attempt to contact the manufacturer to see if there's a warranty on their doors with possible replacement. If it was painted after installation, the best thing to do is scrape off the peeling paint, sand, and then repaint. I had same trouble with my door; it is a steel door and gets too hot with the west exposure.
  • Mimid1224 Mimid1224 on Dec 28, 2016
    Thanks,my neighbor said the same thing, do you think I can paint the door while it's cold now.
  • Mimid1224 Mimid1224 on Dec 30, 2016
    Thanks for the comment  ! I'll wait for late spring to sand & painted the door.