The Best Room Makeovers of 2016

Get ready to be inspired for 2017!

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: Brown flower wall paper everywhere

It’s hard to look at what this kitchen started as, since it was so dark and claustrophobic.

After: An open and spacious area

Cutting down some walls and painting everything white let tons of light shine through this kitchen.

Before: A yellow kitchen

There’s not much to say about this daffodil yellow kitchen, except that it was yellow.

After: An incredible remodelled kitchen

From the butcher block countertop to the subway tile backsplash, this kitchen is so perfect.

Before: A pink and 70’s bathroom

The dust rose color looked very aged and it needed to go.

After: A modern and elegant bathroom

The painted cabinets, marble vanity, and new paint job makes this bathroom look incredible.

Before: A dark and cluttered living room

This rental needed a pick-up that didn’t cost too much money and didn’t involve too many changes.

After: A welcoming living room

With a quick paint job and some accessories, this living room transformed for just $150.

Before: An unfinished attic

This attic was turned into an office, but it needed a bit more TLC.

After: A gorgeous and finished home office

Not only does the desk look great, but you should see the couch area, too.

Before: A builder grade bathroom vanity

This master bathroom did not stand out with its builder-grade bathroom vanity.

After: A stunning and sleek bathroom vanity

We would love this customized vanity in our bathroom any day.

Before: A dark and cramped kitchen

The extra wall between the kitchen and dining room made it seem small and cramped.

After: An open and bright kitchen

With the middle wall down, this kitchen became bright and open.

Before: An unfinished mud and laundry room

The washing machine looked lonely without anything surrounding it.

After: A functional mud and laundry room

The cube shelves made this a place for laundry and for shoes.

Before: Wood cabinets in every corner

This small kitchen felt dark with the wood cabinets.

After: A black and white and sleek kitchen

We love how the B&W tiled backsplash reflects the black and white painted cabinets.