You Never Thought of Putting Your Kitchen Cabinets Here (13 Ideas)

Seriously, these transformations are too rad.

By Hometalk Highlights

In the garden as a potting bench

Repaint and revamp your kitchen cabinet as a station for your gardening tools.

In an empty dormer space as a bed

Create a gorgeous bed in a cozy nook from stock kitchen cabinets. Who knew?

In the center of a kitchen floor as an island

Assembling an island from old kitchen cabinets is a perfect way to get that Ikea inspired look.

In the playroom as a play kitchen

Don’t throw away an old kitchen cabinet. Remodel it into a play kitchen for the kiddies!

In the bedroom as a captain bed

Box beds are a gorgeously classic look and can be an easy thing to make if you’ve got kitchen cabinets.

In the sitting room as a coffee table

Looking for a cute and small coffee table? Repurpose a kitchen cabinet to get a classic look.

In the laundry room as a linen closet

Grab some kitchen cabinet doors to recreate this beautiful storage for towels.

In the bedroom as a headboard

Take apart a kitchen cabinet and reassemble it into a gorgeous headboard. You won’t regret it.

In the living room as a Christmas display

Repurpose a kitchen cabinet door as a sign. Sand, stain and distress and voila!

In the entryway as a welcome sign

Put some kitchen cabinet doors together add some chalk paint and mount on your porch.

In the dining room as wall art

Would you believe this adorned a kitchen cabinet? Add some paint & texture to get this look.

In the bathroom as a vanity shelf

Kitchen cabinets in your bathroom? A cabinet door is a great for upcycled shelving ideas.

In the hallway as a fuse box cover

Ugly fuse box getting you down? Turn a kitchen cabinet into a chalkboard station.