Stop Everything: These Pantry Organization Ideas Cost Less Than $20

Easy organizing tips that won't break the bank!

By Hometalk Highlights

Change the shape of your pantry shelves

Sometimes your pantry just needs a little Feng Shui by making a straight shelf into an L shaped one.

Use plastic bins store items neatly

Spray paint some dollar store bins and label them according to use. Spices, dry goods, baking…

Upgrade a box to sort the foil & plastic wrap

We know those things get out of hand some time. Redo a box with labels to sort those baking sheets!

Grab whatever you have to create more storage

Baby wipe containers, leftover glass jars and ziplocs are budget friendly ways to create more space.

Stamp oversized jars for your condiments

A great way to save space and money is designating glass jars for things and then refilling them.

Maximize the unused space beside your fridge

A rolling pantry between the fridge and the wall is an ingenious way to organize your cereal.

Repurpose old hardware for shelving

Use old drawers, candy bowls and tool caddies to maximize space without spending a buck.

Use old Amazon boxes to make stacking easier

Wrap your old amazon boxes in your favorite contact paper and use them as inserts.

Insert lazy susans for hard to reach places

To access the pantry corners, use a lazy susan and stack them with your canned goods.

Collect unused woven baskets for decluttering

Some cottagy baskets and a broom hook will totally spruce up your messy pantry.