You Need to Try These Dollar Store Bucket Ideas

You never thought you could do that with a Dollar Store bucket!

By Hometalk Highlights

Spray paint them then use them in your pantry

Organize your pantry in the chicest way possible by spray painting Dollar Store buckets.

Turn them into customized Lego containers

Paint the Dollar Store buckets with Lego faces and separate them by color.

Hang them outside for extra lighting

Who knew buckets could be great lamp shades. Add a solar light to a Dollar Store bucket and voila!

Customize them with tags for special use

No matter what they look like, these metal stamps will make your storage look good.

Transform them into planters for your garden

Get your outdoors as organized as your indoors. These Dollar Tree buckets are perfect for plants!

Turn them into a craft supply caddy

Gather & layer a few buckets together to create a caddy.

Upcycle them into bath toy holders

This makes clean up after bath time a pinch.

Make them a fancy place for your bits & bobs

Keys in your entryway just laying there? Want chic decor without the cost? Add vinyl to buckets and voila!

Use them under your sink for toiletries

When the bathroom vanity is getting too much, run to the Dollar Store to get some cheap storage.

Transform them into gorgeous centerpieces

Who needs to spend loads when you can make your own high end looking flower container?

Turn them into miniature locker shelves

The blue paint only makes them look cooler.

Reuse them as awesome wall decor

No need to run to Ikea. Cheap but gorgeous wall storage is waiting at the Dollar Store! (Useful Beautiful Home).

Hook them up as organizers for your office

Get your office space organized with these pretty budget buckets. Your home office will look brand new.

Gather them into an adorable advent calendar

An easy, budget friendly way to get a rustic looking advent calendar for the winter season.

Revamp them to replace your junk drawer

Grab some Dollar Store buckets and fancy them up to create a neater and nicer space.

Have them as easy access for small toys

It will still look nice in your living room, and you’ll have a place to store all those tiny pieces.

Put them in your desk as a marker organizer

It’s a stylish and cheap way to stay organized.