Hold Onto Your Magnets for These 16 Ingenious Ideas

Who knew magnets were this nifty?

By Hometalk Highlights

Use them to piece together a solar light

Make a gorgeous outdoor chandelier by fitting some magnets in the bottom of glass covers. Genius!

Turn them into a self closing fly screen

Put those magnets in the seams of the flaps to create a makeshift door. Isn’t it brilliant?

Attach them to a wood shelf to store keys

Drill holes in a slab of wood & insert small magnets in the space. Voila a magnetic shelf!

Stick them on the flipside of a jar lid

Attach them to your jar turned pin cushion and use them as a place to drop your pins.

Affix them to jars for an herb board

Make a customized herb magnet board for your kitchen. You won’t regret it!

Transform them into miniature fridge planters

Adorable succulents should be showcased everywhere. Add a magnet to a holder and voila!

Convert them into a weather board for kids

Make gloomy weather fun by creating sun, cloud and rain magnets and applying the day’s weather.

Fasten them to an ironing board

Store your ironing board easily by fastening magnets to it and storing it easily over your appliances.

Alter them into a memory board

Paint an old baking sheet with magnetic paint and decorate it with your favorite mementos.

Transform them into galactic decor

Looking for that perfect gift for your special Star Wars fan? Concrete magnets are perfect!

Add them to a butcher knife stand

Keep those butcher knives in tightly in check with a magnetic device. No need for accidents.

Adapt them to your tool pegboard

Use them as a budget way to hang your tools by placing them on cheap sheet metal and hanging them.

Secure them to pot holders

Turn pot holders into note pads by adding magnets to them and mounting them on the fridge.

Adhere them to the walls as a command center

Perfect for hanging calendars and reminders, magnetic sheets are a great way to keep track of a busy life.