Don’t Throw Away That Oatmeal Container Before You See These 14 Idea

Get ready to stock up on oatmeal.

By Hometalk Highlights

Spread paste on it to create textured vases

These look gorgeous anywhere and don’t take long to make.

Turn it into a hair accessory organizer

Glue a candlestick holder underneath, wrap it in fabric, and you’ll never lose a scrunchy again.

Or use it as a french chic vanity organizer

Place this in your bathroom to store all those little things that tend to sit on your vanity.

Wrap it in wrapping paper for a present

These make adorable little gift boxes for Christmas or birthdays.

Yarn bomb in into a custom container

This can be used in your kitchen, on your desk, anywhere!

Put some burlap in it and make it a vase

You don’t even need to redo the label if you want to keep that vintage look.

Use it to hold your headbands

This canister is the perfect shape for your entire headband collection.

Use it to camouflage your toilet paper

Wrap it in contact paper for a secret place to stash your toilet paper.

Turn it into a lamp stand

Stick on thumb tacks for a metal lamp stand that looks so chic.

Turn it into a magazine holder

Even if you prefer the instant packets of oatmeal, you can do something with it, too.

Turn it into a vintage gift box

Wrap it in your favorite type of wrapping paper and voila!

Glue straws round it into a bright planter

Place a plant in it and these make a great gift.

Turn it into a soccer goal

Who needs a big goal post when you can just use an oatmeal canister?

Add some personal charm to it

Give it some personality and use it for your things, or give it as a gift.