Dress Up Your Bathroom in Less Than 10 Minutes (Really!)

These are the bathroom decor ideas you need to see today.

By Hometalk Highlights

Add a pop of color with tissue paper

Wrap your toilet paper in colorful tissue paper for a cute splash of color for your vanity.

Store your toilet paper with a license plate

Add some rustic decor and create a way to stock up on toilet paper with this idea.

Or keep it in a twine covered basket

This decor is both pretty and useful. You’ll never run out of toilet paper this way.

Add a bathtub tray with a plank of wood

It takes some time to make it, but only a minute to place it and enjoy your bath.

Create a floating shelf out of chicken wire

It doesn’t take long at all, and you’ll have an industrial shelf to hold your towels.

Hang your shampoo on a rod

It’s not decor, but an organized bathroom is a beautiful bathroom.

Turn a frame into a towel tray

This little thing can glam up your bathroom vanity in seconds.

Place a silverware tray in your drawers

It keeps everything organized, so you won’t have all those hair accessories on the counter.

Hang toiletries in mason jars

This idea is so cute, and it keep everything organized.

Turn your bathtub into a spa with faux stones

This takes more than a minute, but in less than a day you’ll have transformed your entire bathroom.

Spray paint glass cups into fun organizers

These are so simple to make, and they’ll glam up your bathroom in seconds.