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Cleaning Green Recipes And Wood Flooring

A friend called me last night to ask about the newest recipe she had read for wood flooring. Lemon juice, vinegar, lemon oil and water. My frustration is because the manufactories don't give clear directions. When we installed flooring for my mother the first thing I grabbed were the cleaning guidelines. They only guideline was to use a cleaner that we had a very hard time finding. Bona didn't work on her flooring it streaked it because they are exotic. So what do you do if you don't know?
The recipe above will damage your flooring in so many different ways. Vinegar and lemon juice will etch polyurethane any liquid like vinegar and lemon juice which both are acidic when coming in contact with oak will react with the tannin causing it to darken quickly.
So simple green cleaning is no more than a spray bottle of water and a microfiber mop. Spray the mop with water and mop and dry.
Supper sticky and dirty?
A bucket, micro fiber mop, PH Balanced dish soap a drop or two. A gallon of water. I soak the micro fiber mops. And then I squeeze out all the water. And let them set. I squeeze them out again I don't want to soak the floor with water. I mop and then dry with a dry micro fiber mop. I work in small sections.
No exotic recipes. Keep it simple. No measuring and making something I know it will damage something so beautiful.
To find your cleaning guidelines for your flooring
Do a internet search. Armstrong wood flooring cleaning guidelines. You can insert the name of your flooring to find the correct guidelines.
Damaged with vinegar.  A picture is worth it's weight in gold.
Damaged with vinegar. A picture is worth it's weight in gold.
PH Balanced Dish Soap
PH Balanced Dish Soap
PH Balanced Dish Soap
PH Balanced Dish Soap
Cleaning without damaging!
Cleaning without damaging!

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  • Jewellmartin
    on Jun 6, 2017

    Were you ever able to repair the floor damaged by vinegar, shown in the photograph? The blue would thrill me, but then I would have to damage the entire floor in hopes it would match!
    Best wishes 😇
    • Sherrie
      on Jun 7, 2017

      We used a Bona floor polish. It is temporary and should last s couple of months. It will have to be repeated. Until she can afford to have refinished.
  • Gaile Wenham
    on Jul 31, 2017

    I love the colour of the flooring . Is that blue stain on top?
    • Sherrie
      on Jul 31, 2017

      It looks blue because of the lighting. It is oak stain And it wadamaged also.
  • Deborah
    on Feb 8, 2019

    What about the PH balanced dish soaps with added lemon orange? Are these chemical scents or oil, or real citric acid? I don't want to think I am using a green product only to do damage .

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  • Jewellmartin
    on Jun 6, 2017

    Vinegar or lemon juice on wood or laminate flooring? When we want to get a tree stump to rot, we use those liquids plus ice cream salt. Hubby tried half a dozen products on our laminate flooring. He now mostly uses a dry flat mop and Murphy's soap. But he still changes up with other national brands. He loves his shiny floors. Not green, not cheap but not bad. 😇
  • Victoria Mendolia
    on Aug 31, 2017

    Have lived in my house for 40 years the bedrooms are oak hard wood the secret in maintaining them s Butchers wax. shoes are not worn in my house the floors are waxed maybe once every 20-25 years and vaced often mention the shine on these floors the take away is certainly remove your shoes

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