Painting my countertops

I had recently grown tired of my black countertops. Knowing new counters weren't 't in the budget I decided to paint them. I first scuffed them up a bit then primered them. With zinssers primer. I then put two coats of Behr premium paint in snowfall. I decided to make them look like marble. I used a dark grey craft paint and a couple different size craft paintbrushes. I made the veins in a sorta 45 degree angle across the counter. Working on small sections at a time. I used a large softening brush or glaze brush lightly dipped in the white paint watered down and softened the veins to give them that watery marble look. This takes some practice to get the right look so you might want to practice first. If you mess up you can always fix it! Don't let it scare you! After I completed it all I sealed the counters with three coats of water based poly. This is my third time painting counters and have never had any problems with them holding up. I tend to be a cutting board fanatic! So what are you waiting for?
This is the before and after.
Here is the kitchen put back together

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