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Sparkly Snowman Ornament

Transform a plain glass ornament into a darling sparkly snowman!
This jolly snowman sparkles... and he's sure to make you smile!
Supplies: Clear glass ornament, white glitter Beacon Glitter It, orange Sculpty (for the nose), black dimensional paint, black foam (for hat) a toothpick, googly eyes, two pom poms, scissors and hot glue.
To make the snowman's hat, use a small cup to trace a circle on black foam and cut it out. Fold it in half and make snips in the center. Put on ornament.
Cut a strip from from the black foam (4 inches long by 3 inches in width) and glue on base. Use it to trace a small circle on the black foam. Cut it out and glue it on top.
To make the carrot nose, pinch off a piece of Sculpty. Roll it into a carrot shape.
Use a toothpick to make "lines" in the carrots. Follow the package instructions to bake.
Pour the Beacon Glitter It inside the glass ball. Add glitter, swirl and dump out the excess.Add the googly eyes (hot glue will do the trick).
Use black dimensional (puffy) paint to add snowman's smile. Glue two pom poms on to make earmuffs.
Admire your delightful Sparkly Snowman!

To see more: http://yesterdayontuesday.com/2014/11/sparkly-snowman-ornament/

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