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Re-Purposed Crib

Re-Purposing is awesome! New purpose from something it can't be anymore!
Here I have a real wood crib laying around i picked up from the curb.
I had a bunch of wood laying around and wanted to do something with them both.
So I built a wooden box " first time ever " and I think i did an awesome job. It's all together and ready for it's face lift!
I had to custom cut every piece of this crib, strip it from it's original paint and clear coat, then sand it. A LOT of work but it pays off.
Started measuring and cutting the railing, stripping, sanding.
Traced the line out for an anti slam lid. This was extremely fun and tricky! I'm getting really good at cutting edges of any shape = )
As you can see, you must have an idea what i'm building! Brought them in to size them correctly
I wanted to get more photos of this build but I was having issues. As you can see I added a trim and attached the box to the back frame. All I did was screw the box to the back frame and built a bottom brace for support. It's very solid!! Filled in the appropriate places with filler for a smooth and clean look.
I ended up with a lot of railing and decided it needed something added to the front so i split them in half and placed them flat side and glued and nailed them in place. It looks much better in person. The two bigger sides i cut, i used the two pieces for the feet for the front. I also added 2 coats of primer due to the different color of wood i used, didn't want them peeking through just the paint itself.
And finally done! So much work done for this Bench. I used everything I already had for this project. Everything was re purposed, every piece was cut for a specific place.
Adding some stencil gives it a good color balance, wanted a little more white in there.
The storage area is the entire box! So much room for so many things!
It cost me nothing but hard work and imagination.

Materials used for this project:

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