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Fairy Light Jars

What do you get when you add: a set of three large mason jars, LED string lights, and burlap together? Pure Fairy Light Holiday Magic! Here's more information about the lights: http://makinglemonadeblog.com/holiday-party-tips-ideas-decor/
This set of three HUGE mason jars can be found at Kirkland's, and are just begging to be illuminated!
The kids think they look like fireflies, so this idea could easily carry into summer as well.
I taped the top of an LED light string to the lid with washi tape, carefully dropped the battery box to the bottom of the jar, and covered it with burlap. Yes, you'll have to reach into the jar to turn it on/off but it only take a moment. :)
These LED string lights can be found on Amazon, or other hardware or lighting retailers. There's a direct link on my blog to find the highest rated lights for this project!
These jars bring such illumination and light into our dining room that we've been dining with them on for days.
They make a perfect and magical addition to your holiday buffet.
Wishing you a magical holiday season! Get all the details and lots for gorgeous lighting ideas over on my blog!

To see more: http://makinglemonadeblog.com/holiday-party-tips-ideas-decor/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    on Dec 6, 2013

    This is SO pretty - thanks for sharing, great idea!

  • Carrie MakingLemonade
    Carrie MakingLemonade Blue Bell, PA
    on Dec 6, 2013

    So glad you like them, Valerie, and thanks!

  • Laura Trevey
    Laura Trevey Richmond, VA
    on Dec 7, 2013

    @Carrie MakingLemonade I love these ~ they are so festive!!

  • Helen Melanson
    Helen Melanson Lancaster, MA
    on Dec 7, 2013

    very cute! Is there a way to put lights in that are electric? I don't like replacing batteries.

  • Deborah
    Deborah Fair Play, MO
    on Dec 7, 2013

    Where do you find the LED string lights?

  • Carol Scott Porter
    Carol Scott Porter Lockport, NY
    on Dec 7, 2013

    so pretty, they would be wonderful year round just change the accents in the tray

    • Carrie MakingLemonade
      Carrie MakingLemonade Blue Bell, PA
      on Dec 7, 2013

      @Carol Scott Porter Thanks Carol! I thought so too, they remind me of fireflies in summer.

  • Trudy Fagan
    Trudy Fagan James Creek, PA
    on Dec 7, 2013

    I love this!! Do you just leave them on constantly till the batteries run out??

    • Carrie MakingLemonade
      Carrie MakingLemonade Blue Bell, PA
      on Dec 7, 2013

      @Trudy Fagan You can reach in and turn them on and off, the batteries seem to work well. This set of fairy lights also allows you to program them, which is even easier!

  • Lisa Lozzi-Quinn
    Lisa Lozzi-Quinn
    on Dec 7, 2013

    Is the light string the 7ft. one ?

  • Chrys Schnellbacher
    Chrys Schnellbacher New London, MO
    on Dec 7, 2013

    ...It says Amazon above and I checked, they have them! My next project, thank you for posting this lovely idea Carrie!

  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones Bristol, VA
    on Dec 7, 2013

    how many lights are on the string? this is absolutely beautiful!

    • Carrie MakingLemonade
      Carrie MakingLemonade Blue Bell, PA
      on Dec 7, 2013

      @Kim Jones I'm not sure how many lights are on the string, I got three sets of these and they are 5 ft.long each. Here's a link to the post for a link to the sets on Amazon!

  • Sandy W
    Sandy W Lynden, WA
    on Dec 7, 2013

    I bought my little LED string lights from the dollar store, and there is just enough to put in a mason jar.

  • Donna C
    Donna C Manchester, NH
    on Dec 7, 2013

    Love this idea....the entire set up is so festive....though I'd be using reds with silvers.

  • Vickiesizemore
    Vickiesizemore Edinburgh, IN
    on Dec 7, 2013

    would be perfect for camping ty for sharing

  • Sue Johnson
    Sue Johnson Ottumwa, IA
    on Dec 7, 2013

    This is one of the prettiest idea's I've ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing. Merry Christmas~~

  • Traci fields
    Traci fields Cincinnati, OH
    on Dec 7, 2013

    love love this idea so easy but so pretty great idea!!!!

  • Rhoda Lambiase
    Rhoda Lambiase Taberg, NY
    on Dec 7, 2013

    BEAUTIFUL! I can imagine them on a deck, on a warm Summer night. Ahhhhh Peaceful!

  • Teresa K
    Teresa K Lake Wales, FL
    on Dec 7, 2013

    is the battery pak small enuf to be taped under the lid?? Thus making it so much easier to change the batttery.

  • Lee Ann Yeager
    Lee Ann Yeager Rothbury, MI
    on Dec 7, 2013

    no. the battery pack is 2-2 1/2" long. I have fairy lights that I ordered for my wedding and are perfect for this. they take AAA batteries lithi batteries last the longest.

  • Brenda Kaufmann
    Brenda Kaufmann Sarasota, FL
    on Dec 7, 2013

    I got them at WalMart 2 yrs ago---put colored ones in a crystal bowl with glass ornaments

  • Sharon Bailey
    Sharon Bailey Shelby, MI
    on Dec 7, 2013

    Family dollar and Shopko have them

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