Don't Throw Out Dollar Store Trays Til You See These Crazy Cool Ideas

When the last crumb is wiped off, repurpose these. You'll thank us.

By Hometalk Highlights

Mold them into cement flowers

Add flare to your garden decor by making cement flower molds out of these chip & dip dishes.

Or shape them into hypertufa flower pots

Using the same method, create adorable planter trays in the shape of a flower. How whimsical!

Spray paint them a fall color

Make them the glitzy part of your table’s centerpiece with a little touch of copper.

Revamp them into menu plates

Add some chalkboard paint and little marker to a dollar store tray to create a cute dinner menu.

Hang them up as towel holders

Add a tray, towel and ribbon to a wire door easel and you’ve got the cutest guest towel rack. (Sew Licious Home Decor).

Stencil them with a nautical theme

Who says your dips dish can’t be fancy? Maybe swap the spicy mayo for some potpourri in this case.

Transform them into holiday porch decor

With just a little chalkboard paint, some chalk and some fall greenery your porch will look gorgeous.

Stack them into a tiered stand

Put them one on top of the other for some great organizing.

Reuse them as jewelry holders

Grab a gold marker and draw on some turquoise dollar store trays to use as jewelry sorters.

Decorate them for your BBQ table

Make them into citrus slices with some adhesive shelf liner to really get a summer mood going.

Turn them into adorable patriotic decor

These dip dishes come in red, white & blue for the 4th of July. Add some buttons for fun and voila!

Craft them into a inspirational chalk board

Sometimes all we need is a kind word. Create a chalkboard out of an old food tray and spare a word!

Flip them into a candle holder

Light up your room with a dollar store, bread loaf pan and make it into a rustic tea light holder.