Hide Your Couch's Wear and Tear With These 9 Ingenious Ideas

No more couch catastrophes

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: Torn and worn

Her couch was frayed with a large hole at the seam.

After: Sewn and stapled

After sewing some old vinyl together and stapling it over the old bones her couch looked brand new!

Before: Tired and saggy

Some leather isn’t meant to last years of cuddling with the dogs. How to fix?

After: Covered with fabric and a closet rod

Wrap a discount fabric over a closet rod and place those under the cushions!

Before: Frayed and wrinkly leather

Over time, leather couches lose that bouncy fresh exterior and need a face lift.

After: More batting added

Add some batting to fluff up the interior and resow. Isn’t it lovely?

Before: A cracked and chipped fainting couch

This beauty was hiding under fading faux leather

After: A classic beauty revived with vinyl

After a little stapled vinyl reupholstering, this piece went from duckling to swan.

Before: Boring brown blur

Her brown couch was starting to get worn and tired looking.

After: A vision in chalk paint

If the fabric is good, then take a risk & try your hand at chalk painting upholstery. Gorgeous.

Before: Outdated Chintz

She wanted an easy way to redecorate and cover up that eyesore.

After: Stunning showy slipcovers

She made interchangeable slipcovers to fit the mood of her decor and what a change!

Before: Thrift store disaster

If you know you have a fixer upper, grab some fabric and a staple gun and get going.

After: Stapled in new fabric

Without having to add stuffing, this was fixed with a new fabric and a little innovation.

Before: Dumpster Derelict

This dumpster find was torn to shreds with stuffing almost beyond repair.

After: Stuffed, sewed and stapled

Add a little batting and a whole array of new fabric and you’re good to go.

Before: Stained and sad

This red couch had good bones but had dark patches on its old red upholstery.

After: A new painted bluebeauty

If the batting and fabric is good don’t fix it! All it needed was a lick of paint to look brand new.