15 Space Saving Hacks for Your Tight Bedroom

Feeling a little cramped in your bedroom? Try these ideas to bring your zen back.

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn a door organizer into a night stand

Need a place for your books? Just cut up an over-the-door organizer and hang it from your bed.

Nail plastic crates into wall toy storage

Get those toys off the floor with this super easy trick.

Turn a wire basket into rolling linen storage

Keep your extra blankets nearby and out of the way with this super easy rolling wire basket.

Build your own Divan rustic bed frame

Get extra storage underneath your bed with this clever idea.

Create your own book ledge out of wood

Bookcases take up too much room, but this book ledge solves that problem.

Or keep your books in a rolling basket

Just stick on some wheels for an easy roll-along book basket.

Add storage drawers under your bed

Grab an old drawer, screw on some wheels, and you have perfect under the bed storage.

Stack crates into a spinning closet

We can’t get over this brilliant idea to add extra closet space with our favorite wooden crates.

Turn valance holders into scarf holders

A little spray paint and some glue and these become the perfect place to hang your scarves.

Build your own under the bed storage frame

Get a Pottery Barn look, and some great storage, without the hefty price.

Turn wooden crates into toy storage

Get all those toys, or books, or shoes, off the floor and away with these crates.

Stack crates into clothing storage

Keep your clothes on the wall with this awesome crate idea.

Keep it all organized with a charging station

An organized bedside (and a clean bed) will make your room feel much more roomy.

Build your own clothing rack

If you don’t have a closet in your room, this is how you make one.

Slide old drawers underneath your bed

This is the perfect tool for hideaway storage.