How to Fake Gorgeous Built-In Furniture (12 Ideas)

You have to see these! LOVE!

By Hometalk Highlights

Fashion a banquette bench from 2x4s

Attach planks and support up against a wall and cover with a cushion and fabric. Amazing!

Assemble several Ikea bookshelves together

Measure the amount you’ll need, attach them, push them against them wall and use metal brackets to secure them.

Make floating geometric built ins from planks

Cut a molding pattern in the wall and use crap wood to fill it. Stain it and voila!

Create a frame for a natural gas fireplace

Plan a simple wood frame and layer it outwards to surround your fireplace is easy to plan.

Nestle some bookcases around a fireplace

Insert two Billy bookcases from IKEA to create this gorgeous mantle space.

Turn kitchen cabinets into an office bookcase

Stack the shelving alongside the desk and make sure the molding matches across the space. Gorgeous!

Customize a built in corner for your bedroom

Grab some pine boards and combine the framing and molding in white paint.

Turn a French door into a built in cabinet

Create a vinyl and wood cabinet around existing materials for a cute built in.

Make a built in office wall from cabinets

Kitchen cabinets from Habitat for Humanity were welded together into a shelf wall.

Build a fridge enclosure with wood

Create an enclosure from plywood and extend the molding so it fits seamlessly into your kitchen decor.

Push a corner shelf against the wall

Have a fitted corner shelf slide into the corner and adhere it to the wall by way of the molding.

Flip Ikea cabinets into a media center

IKEA cabinets are easy to fit in a pre-planned molding. Use two to create a built in TV station.