Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

4 Materials
30 Minutes

I've been having a blast showing some fun winter crafts, like my Farmhouse Cotton Stems and Sweater Wrapped Vases I shared earlier this week. Our house is beginning to look a lot like... WINTER :) ! All of the Christmas decor has been organized, packed up and put up in the attic for now. In attempt to make the house not
popsicle stick snowflakes
You're going to want to start with a bunch of wooden craft sticks. I used both the jumbo size and the regular. The jumbo size ones were used for the center structure of the snowflake. My wonderful in-laws were in town after Christmas when I was working on these and my mother-in-law jumped in and helped out. After we finished making them, she ended up finding some mini size wooden craft sticks too that are awesome for the smaller more intricate details of the snowflakes. I started by painting all of the wooden sticks white.
popsicle stick snowflakes
Alternatively, you could paint them after you put the snowflake together... you could even spray paint them afterward instead too.
popsicle stick snowflakes
Next you'll put the main structure of the snowflake together with the jumbo wooden sticks. You'll overlap the popsicle sticks slightly.
popsicle stick snowflakes
We found it pretty difficult to line up the snowflakes with 6 points (3 main sticks crossing each other). It's was much easier to make the snowflakes with the 8 points (4 main sticks in the middle). It was a lot easier to make those geometrically accurate, so I'd recommend starting with those.
popsicle stick snowflakes
Once you get the main structure of the snowflake built, it works best to layout the rest of the detail so you have a plan in place.
popsicle stick snowflakes
After you lay it out, you just glue the detail sticks on with the hot glue. To attach the snowflakes to the wall, I both attached a command velcro strip on the back of one. The other ones were hung with a command hood and then I attached the snowflakes with fishing line. Hop on over to our blog post to see how these DIY popsicle stick snowflakes turned out!

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden Craft Sticks  (Walmart)
  • Hot Glue
  • White Paint
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Chelsea @ Making Manzanita

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