Crochet the into a comfy rug

This fun and chunky rug is perfect by your bed, or when you’re standing in your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Glue them into a decorative bowl

Cut up your scraps and glue them onto a boring bowl for some decoration. Get tutorial here

Tie them into a fun fabric wreath

This is so simple to make and a great way to use up those scraps. Get tutorial here

Braid them into inspiring word art

Find your favorite phrase or word and turn your scraps into a piece of art. Get tutorial here

Reuse them as hand warmers

Sew them together with some rice, pop them in the microwave and your hands will be warm and toasty. Get tutorial here

Frame them into vibrant wall art

If your piece is a little more than just a scrap, you can frame it for fun and unique wall art. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a new lamp shade

Either glue them onto an old one or create your own from scratch. Get tutorial here

String them into colorful lanterns

Take some wire planters and tie your fabric scraps to it for some fun outdoor decor. Get tutorial here

Sew them into cute farmhouse wall pockets

Use them to hold your utensils or hand them over as a gift. Get tutorial here

Create your own notebook closure

Your notebook will never randomly open again. Get tutorial here

Cut them into patterned wall art

These leather scraps turned into the perfect statement piece. Get tutorial here

Glue them into rustic fabric flowers

These basically can go on anything and look good anywhere. Get tutorial here