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DIY Removeable Wallpaper

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I’ve always wanted to hang wallpaper in my home. I love the beautiful patterns, plus it makes big impact in small spaces like mine.
As a renter, wallpaper can be tricky though. I avoid making any changes to my apartment that will require a lot of work when I move out. Moving is hard enough without having to repaint before leaving, or worse: losing a deposit!
I found a wallpaper pattern that I loved
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
Cut out a piece of contact paper to fit your wall, then use a sharpie to draw the position of outlets (and anything else that needs an opening) on the grid side of the contact paper. Use a scissors or utility knife to cut out these openings.
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
Apply the contact paper to the wall.
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
Place the paper backing on your wallpaper and using it as a template, cut out the wallpaper to fit your wall.
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
Place your wallpaper face down, and then cover evenly with the spray adhesive.
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
Quickly apply the wallpaper to your wall.
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
The wallpaper made a huge difference in my tiny kitchen, and it came off cleanly when I moved.
diy removeable wallpaper, wall decor
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Suggested materials:

  • Wallpaper or other decorative paper
  • Contact paper
  • Adhesive spray
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  • Beth
    on Feb 28, 2019

    Can you paint onto the contact paper to make your own pattern or design? If so what type of paint?

  • Carol
    on Mar 1, 2019

    Why is adhesive necessary, since contact paper will adhere to a smooth surface all by itself? And if it IS necessary, why spray it on the contact paper backing instead of the contact paper itself?

    • Carol
      on Mar 1, 2019

      Ohhhhh..I didn't understand! Thank you for making it clear!

  • Melody Boling Medlock
    on Mar 9, 2019

    I am also a renter and have wanted to do this. However, during my research I've heard that the contact paper is hard to remove. All research said it can leave a sticky residue and that the longer it is in the harder it is to remove. It also said that walls are one if the hardest places to remove it from. It stated that you have since moved and that it was removed easily. How did you remove it and did it damage the paint underneath at all?

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