Hate Your Boring Door? Try These 13 Brilliant Ideas

Get ready to be inspired to change your boring interior door.

By Hometalk Highlights

Cut moulding into door panels

The result is stunning and completely changes the door.

Paint it a standout color

The grey paint gave this door the upgrade it needed.

Or paint it with an intricate pattern

It required less paint and becomes a work of art.

Define it with white trim

These black doors look cool on their own, but the white makes it stand out.

Paint it for a faux trim effect

This looks like she spent tons of time on this, but all she did was paint it.

Stroke on a faux silver leaf look

Make your doors look high end metal without the cost.

Paint it a bright and vibrant color

The door will stand out and look gorgeous all at once.

Stripe it up with vinyl stickers

It’s a great way to upgrade your door without painting.

Turn it into a classy door with moulding

The shape completely transformed these boring doors into classy stuff.

Add a stencil to your panel doors

These panel doors looked gorgeous before the panel totally dressed it up.

Upgrade it with washi tape

Perfect for renters or those who don’t want to fully commit to a new look.

Add an intricate pattern with window mullions

This is a unique way to get a unique slab pattern on your wall.

Nail plywood for an updated look

A plain slab of wood is boring, add dimension by nailing plywood and painting it.