Bet You've Never Thought of Doing This With Your Old Socks (16 Ideas)

Sock you very much!

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn them into cozy draught stoppers

Fill some socks with rice and ties them together. Add a fuzzy sweaters and bring the warmth to the max.

Sew them into the cutest toy

Stuff some old kid socks and sew them together to recreate this octopus toy! Kids will love it.

Wrap them around glass as pumpkins

Cover a glass jar in a fluffy sock to add texture to your Halloween display.

Or squeeze them over styrofoam ones

Cut up some Halloween themed socks and fold them around dollar store pumpkins. How cozy!

Make them into soothing heating pads

Grab an old sock, rice and essential oils to make this spa like project. So easy and relaxing!

Hang them until you can pair them

Paint a canvas & add a laundry line then hang them up until the second one is found.

Fold them into adorable baby shower gifts

Move over diaper cakes! Try cupcake onesies using onesies and socks. How cute!

Turn them into aromatherapy pillows

Add some essential oils to a knee high sock filled with rice and enjoy!

Transform them into cute snowmen

Fill some old socks with rice and add some mini winter wear, a face and buttons. Aw!

Or into a cool black cat

Make the most adorable Halloween friends this year and grab a black sock and add some orange ribbon.

Cut them into funky pot holders

They can double as cute decor and practical pot holders.

Strip them into coffee sleeves

Reuse Dollar Store fluffy socks to create perfect coffee cozies! What a great way to protect your hands. (Concord Cottag

Fill them with earth to make a planter

Create a funky planter by grabbing a shoe, a sock, and filling it with the plant of your choice.

Slide them over a plastic wreath form

Slip some knee high wool socks over a wreath form to get an adorable winter look for your door.

Layer them over a glass cylinder

Though this is a cable knit sweater, you could easily cut up a chunky sock of the same pattern.

Or over some glass vases for fall

Sweaters & socks make colorful cozies for fall or winter decor. Wrap some over glass candle holders & voila!