13 Incredible Living Room Updates Using Leftover Wood

If you have leftover wood, you're going to want to save it for your living room.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build a faux built-in fireplace

This looks so incredible, we're kind of shocked it's fake.

Make a place for your TV

These leftover pieces of wood for perfect for this media center.

Design a rustic coffee table

Grab some old pallet wood and create this stunning piece for your living room.

Line thin pieces into a desk

This is unique, sleek, and so so pretty.

Frame your entryway mirror

Mirrors are great wall decor, and this wood frame makes sure it looks good.

Upcycle them into a coffee table

Use old chair legs for a fully recycled coffee table.

Compress them into a small bench

Grab your leftover wood and turn them into a cute bench, perfect for extra throw pillows.

Build planked window seats

These completely transformed this living room and made it welcoming.

Create a custom console table

Whether you use it for your remotes or your wine, this is stunning.

Turn them into chic plant stands

Who needs to keep their plants on the floor when they can make a stand like this?