Peg Board Kitchen Storage Wall

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Lacking cabinet space in your kitchen? This might be a great option for you! Not only is this a great option for storage, but can be used to make a fun statement on your wall! By simply drilling a peg board to your wall you create a great and fun space to decorate and store things!

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-Peg Board

-Hack Saw

- Peg Board Bins

- Pegs / Peg Brackets

-Paint (optional)



- Drywall Screws and Anchors

-Mallet (if needed for the anchors you have)

STEP 1: Drill holes into your peg board

Place your peg board where you wish it to be and drill several pilot holes into the wall around the perimeter of the board. Don't add the screws just yet.

STEP 2: Fill the holes with wall anchors

Move your peg board away from the wall and take several wall anchors and fill the holes you made before with them.

STEP 3: Drill screws into the holes

Place your peg board where you want to install it, and drill screws through the board and into the holes you previously drilled around the perimeter to hold it in place.

STEP 4: Paint your pegboard

This step is optional, but if you wish, you can paint the board any color you like. We painted it with a chalk paint so that we can write on it if we want to!

STEP 5: Apply hooks and brackets

Once the paint dries you can apply the hooks and brackets and such where you want them to go.

STEP 6: Hang your pots and other stuff

Now you can hang pots or whatever you wish onto the hooks!

Take the peg board bins and attach them as well and fill them up with whatever you wish! I love these bins, because you can use them for so many things.

I installed this at a friend's house, because my kitchen has very little uninterrupted wall space, but I love this so much, I might have to find room for one.

My friend is an AirBNB host and puts breakfast out for her guests cause she is a cute lil' bean, so these bins worked perfect for her continental breakfast options.

Honestly, the fact that this thing can handle the weight of cast iron skillets is stinkin amazing! So great!

The greatest thing about this is how versatile it is! You can move things around and store almost anything you want on the wall!

Such a cute little nook.

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Suggested materials:

  • Drywall Screws and Anchors  (Amazon)
  • Pegboard Hook Assortment  (Amazon)
  • Peg Board Bins  (Amazon)
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  • Michele Morgan
    Michele Morgan
    on Oct 12, 2019

    When attaching the pegboard to the wall, do u leave a space between the board and wall so there's room for the pegs to fit? If so how deep?

    • Sharon C
      Sharon C
      on Aug 11, 2020

      Needs to be framed on the back. 1 x 2 strips would work well. I agree with Rebecca S. that quarter round on the front would make for a more complete look.

  • Scott Alger-Hortelano
    Scott Alger-Hortelano
    on Jan 5, 2020

    That's great for drywall but what about plaster?

  • Jackie
    on Apr 7, 2020

    What is the rolling pin hooked onto?

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  • Artemis
    on Sep 8, 2018

    Looks nice and anything that increases storage is terrific. I do agree that spacers would make inserting the pegs easier. We use a lot of pegboard for storage, especially in the garage, and the spacers are a plus. I also would have painted the pegboard before mounting it (but that is subjective and can go either way).

  • Renee Aitken
    Renee Aitken
    on Dec 27, 2019

    i did this type in a tiny laundry room/catch all room....i used 1x4's on the wall for tops and bottom then attached the pegboard. i used it to hang dog leashes, baskets with dog shampoo and brushes, hung small tools like hammer, screwdrivers, etc that i knew i would use daily or more often, car keys (right as you went out the back door). if it got used more than a few times a month, it went in a basket on the board. i need one now, but i rent....ugh~ no cabinets~

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