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Repurposed Vintage Inspired Glass Bottle

6 Materials
3 Hours

I've taken a blown glass tequila bottle and repurposed it into a home decor accessory! Love this project? You can buy your own by clicking the link below. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Take a regular alcohol bottle (this ones a tequila bottle), most alcohol bottles are not recyclable
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Remove all labels
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Clean both inside and outside, make sure its dry.
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Paint the bottom first
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Then paint the sides (probably a couple of coats)
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Prepare the topper, I used a vintage door knob.
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Pre-drill a hole in the cork for the knob
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Fasten the cork to the topper with glue (I use E6000)
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Insert topper, allow to dry a few hours.
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Add rhinestone border around the neck of the bottle
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Prepare accessories by painting them and adding rhinestones.
repurposed vintage inspired glass bottle
Glue center accessory (this was a vintage brooch), add charms to a chain, add pearl string and its complete!

Suggested materials:

  • <a href="" class="href-bb-tag" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Chalk Paint</a>  (Amazon)
  • <a href="" class="href-bb-tag" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Charms</a>  (Amazon)
  • <a href="" class="href-bb-tag" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Pearl Strand</a>  (Amazon)
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  • Barbara Duhme
    on Jan 29, 2017

    Why do you say that the glass is not recyclable? Our recycling center takes all kinds of glass!

    • Carey
      on May 6, 2019

      It is interesting how so many picked up on a side comment about recycling when the entire post was about a method of recycling that is inexpensive & fun, requires no one else to handle it, & goes back to the way we recycled some years ago! We are often told that 'we didn't recycle' so the current generation is doing so much better. The reality is that we recycled most things by reusing, repurposing (we didn't call it that, we called it using it for something else!), everything was not considered disposable. My Grandma always washed and reused plastic wrap, Aluminum foil & plastic bags until they were not useable anymore. My Mother did the same for many years, I did as well, until everything began to be made to be disposable. When I was a kid, we could collect pop bottles which were returned to the store for 10 cents a bottle, they were returned to the bottling co. cleaned & reused. The same person who delivered the pop to the store, picked up the empty bottles & they were returned as the truck made its rounds. Now the bottles are plastic, considered disposable, & tossed. In order to recycle now, the stuff has to be separated, put out at the curb, picked us by another company & maybe recycled. Some of it is recycled, but it seems that a lot of it is actually just piling up to become another eyesore! We fixed our TV's, Radios, Cars, & just about anything else that we used, when it broke down. Appliances were made to last, now in the name of ecology they make appliances with the idea that they cannot be repaired so they will just add to the refuse when the quit working. It does not cost more to run an appliance with a motor that is made to hold up & runs adequately to do the job but not all the time. Now they make small motors that supposedly use less electricity, but don't hold up because they have to go off & on so frequently. I am currently using a freezer that my parents bought second hand in ~1953. I inherited it and have been using is now for 5 1/2 years. It's design is better than anything you can find now & it is a long term faithful appliance. It just keeps going! I have been looking for a decent stove. With all the "New" ideas, the old stove that Mom had when I was a kid was better designed, the drawers worked well even when full, & were easy to open and close, the burners were designed so that you could use any burner for any size pan, because the coils in each burner were two different sizes & you didn't have to have the entire burner on in order to put a smaller pan on it. The ones that I have seen recently, the drawers are hard to open & close even when empty, coils are designed so that you have to have the entire burner on no matter the size pan that you wish to put on it. Small file cabinets that are cheaply made, really are planned to be refuse before long, they are hard to use so are not desirable. The list goes on & on!

  • Kelly
    on Feb 1, 2017

    Why chalk paint?

    • Littlekat
      on Mar 17, 2018

      Aabsolutely! I've used it in altering bottles. You just want to apply it as evenly as possible.

  • Rjs11973840
    on Sep 20, 2017

    What do you do with the bottle is it only for display no actually use?!?

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  • Colby Nelson
    on Jan 15, 2019

    So cool

  • C.B.
    on May 6, 2019

    I crochet around bottles of various sizes & give them as gifts! A tapered candle is added to the bottle opening...the square shaped petron/tequila bottles are super for this because their shear "base weight" prevents them from tipping over.

    This bottle (shown) was done for my Mom, who loves to see the sun shine through the colbalt blue of the glass! Enjoy crocheters out there! These unique candle holders are loved by those who love the ambience of "old fashioned re-using!"

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