Why You Should Use Hanging Storage From Now On (15 Ways)

A truth universally acknowledged... tension rods and hooks SAVE your space.

By Hometalk Highlights

Glue shower curtain rings to a hanger

Wrap twine around the rings and hot glue them in a formation on the hanger. Brilliant!

Consolidate camis or scarves on a hanger

Store as many items as possible & save space in your closet. Great idea!

Add hooks to a skirt hanger to store belts

Belts need tender love and care. Instead of laying them flat in a drawer hang them.

Create hanging pegs for your tools

It’s a great way to keep track of your tools. No more messy toolboxes cluttering your space!

Use tensions rods to hang jewelry

It’s the perfect jewelry organizer and a great space saver!

Or a driftwood branch to suspend scarves

Add gold hooks to a branch and paint in geometric designs. How cute!

Attach hangers to your walls as hooks

Hang them on makeshift hooks to try and avoid those bulky shirts causing a mess.

Affix hooks to a rod for a craft station

The smartest way to store wrapping paper is to paste some command hooks, a rod & clips to your closet door.

Add some extra hooks to blonde boards

Your mudroom floor can be shoe and hat free by simply adding some extra hooks.

Create a magnetic rack for kitchen knives

Place above your counter to make grabbing kitchen knives easy and safe.

Repurpose a rake for your kitchen utensils

Turn a rake into vintage looking hanging storage for your pots and ladles with some twine and clamps.

Turn plastic caps into toothbrush holders

Hang your toothbrushes on the wall with painted plastic caps and keep them far from germs.

Add a rod for under the sink organization

To avoid those cleaning materials from piling up, affix a tension rod into the cupboard to balance them on.

Place your rolls of tape on a pants hanger

No more unruly rolls of tape scattered around. Repurpose a pants hanger to keep track of them.

Create extra shower storage with tension rods

Clip some baskets and extra hooks onto a tension rod to create the most amazing hanging shower storage.