Organize Your Kitchen With These 16 Simple and Cheap Storage Ideas

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get an organized kitchen

By Hometalk Highlights

Install thin bookshelves on your cabinets

They’re perfect for your recipe books or even your spices.

Turn a blank wall into a peg board

You can hang practically anything you want and double your kitchen space.

Hang your pots and pans on a rod

Use S hooks to keep your pots and pans organized without taking up much space.

Keep clutter off your counter with a rod

Always need a place for your coffee cups? Here’s a cheap and simple solution.

Turn a soda bottle into a bag dispenser

Say goodbye to that mound of plastic bags under your sink with this easy and cheap dispenser.

Add a storage shelf on your counter

Double your counter space with this clever and cheap shelf.

Grab an old wood box for your cookbooks

You can also store your kitchen utensils in this adorable farmhouse style box.

Bend cooling racks into spice holders

Then fasten them to your pantry door for great spice storage racks.

Place a basket on the side of your counter

You can keep your cookbooks there, or turn it into the perfect charging station.

Turn a piece of wood into a metal knife rack

You can practically make this for free and keep your knives within reach.

Build your own fruit stand with crates

You won’t struggle to find room in your fridge for your fruit and vegetables anymore.

Or bend chicken wire into fruit baskets

This is probably the simplest way to store your fruits and veggies.

Hang your utensils from your cabinets

Get them off the counter with this upside down lazy susan.

Grab plastic bins for easy pantry storage

You probably already have these lying around your home.

Use a dish rack to organize your tupperware

You won’t have to dig through your endless piles of tupperware anymore.