Stop Everything! These Dresser Makeovers Look AH-mazing!

We stop looking at these dresser makeovers.

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: A sad looking bare dresser

There were holes, scratches, and bruises on this wooden dresser.

After: A bold blue dresser that stands tall

That lace pattern totally brought out the personality of this stunning dresser.

Before: A mismatched thrift store find

This dresser had a great shape, but the wood was mismatched.

After: A hot pink bright and stunning dresser

We can’t stop looking at this gorgeous transformation. So chic!

Before: Dark, scratched, and faded

This black painted dresser really needed some TLC.

After: a duct tape piece of art

Who would’ve thought you could use duct tape to design a dresser?

Before: A damaged and old wooden dresser

This just didn’t pop anymore when you walked into a room.

After: A chevron distressed pattern

Filled with character, this pattern transformed this dresser.

Before: A standard plain jane dresser set

There wasn’t anything going for these plain pieces of furniture.

After: A colorful ombre stained dresser set

With the teal border and four types of stain, this set is unique and stunning.

Before: An old panel wood dresser

It might look pretty, but this 24 year old dresser didn’t have much going for it.

After: A bright turquoise dresser

Even though the particle board is flimsy, you can hardly tell with this paint.

Before: A standard wooden dresser

You wouldn’t think twice about this dresser. It’s pretty, but nothing stands out.

After: A pretty in pink princess piece

We’re a little in shock at how stunning this princess dresser is now.

Before: A dated bedroom dresser and mirror

Even though this is beautiful, it was a little too dated for this homeowner.

After: A breathtaking fireplace media console

Without a need for the dresser in the bedroom, she turned it into a piece for her living room.

Before: An IKEA Malm dark dresser

Just your standard dresser that you see in basically every IKEA lover’s home.

After: An homage to classic rock

A collage of Beatles and other 70’s rock, this dresser is perfect for any rock lover.

Before: A rough and damaged dresser

This dresser needed a new makeover to make it look new.

After: A modern geometric mountain makeover

Painted to look like the scenic mountains in California, this dresser is the eye of the room.