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Set of Three Pallet and Junk Hearts

Earlier in the week I shared with you a trio of pallet wood and junk hearts and today I have another trio of hearts for you with even more pallet wood and even more junk...in other words they can pretty much be made for free.
You would think that if you kept using the same supplies that all my projects would start looking the same. I think they all have their own personalities.
Gather your pallet wood together and start with the background. I’m making a set of three hearts. Each square measures about 12 inches, and is secured in the back with finishing nails and additional scrap wood.
I painted my pallet wood white with leftover trim paint then sanded the edges to get rid of any rough edges.
Cut a heart pattern out of paper. Trim until you get the perfect size for your background.
Place your heart pattern over top of more pallet wood, trace, and cut out with a jigsaw or scroll saw.
Make a smaller heart pattern for the middle heart. Trace onto pallet wood, and cut out.
Use the same heart pattern that you used for the larger hearts. Trace your pattern onto old sheet music (or you could use old love letters, tissue paper, decorative scrap book paper, old book pages, newspaper) and cut out.
Modpodge the sheet music directly onto your backing or onto the pallet wood hearts you cut out. Paint a layer of modpodge, attach the sheet music followed by another layer of modpodge.
For a splash of color, paint the small center heart red. Once dry, sand all the edges.
Seal all three hearts with a layer of clear wax. If you would like a darker finish, follow up the clear wax with a layer of vintage wax, painted on and rubbed off.
If you apply vintage wax directly to the pallet wood it gets really dark and hard to work with because of the roughness of the pallets.
Before I call my project finished, I dove into my box of junk and pulled out a few rusty tidbits to add a little junky pizzazz.
Make one, two or three, but if you need even more ideas and more pictures of this project visit me at the link below. You may be inspired by my pallet wood and junk hearts from the last couple of years.

To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2017/01/26/pallets-junk-hearts/

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