Feeling proud: I saved my wood table with Wood crayons!

Who knew crayons are not just for kids anymore! I was proud of myself when I saved my table that got scratched by using a wood crayon to fill in the nicks. On my own, hows that!!
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 29, 2017
    Nice job!!! I love wood crayons!!

  • 2ho16053712 2ho16053712 on Feb 03, 2017
    When a piano was moved into our livingroom w/ oak floors, it scraped the floor a bit. I rubbed a walnut nutmeat into the cracks, and the scrapes vanished. (I keep a few wood crayons, different colors, as well, for other scrapes on furniture.)

    • Libby Libby on Feb 09, 2017
      Hi - Did this process take a long time?
      I want to do this walnut method on a large area. Am I being overly enthusiastic? Unrealistic?
      I have a vacation home we're going to put on the market. I really don't want to refinish the floors for several reasons.

  • Did16752600 Did16752600 on Feb 09, 2017
    I just broke my chair when I fell down. The solid wood back middle now has a nice size crack. I wonder if crazy glue can hold it together.