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Seed starting plant labels'

Seed starting plant labels'

I've just ordered hotpepper seeds for 2014. 23 different varietiesfrom three different e-bay sellers, the total bill is close to $100. I willstart these seed on MLK weekend

I've still need to order my sweet pepper seeds. I'll startthose about Daytona 500 weekend.

Then I'll look for mytomato seeds to start about St. Pat's week.

SO you can see how I'll need a ton of seed labels for all ofthose plant pots - well over 1000.

I use old vinyl venetian blinds cut into 3 or 4 inch strips.

I'll make a spread sheet list sorted alphabetically andnumbered, then all I write on the vinyl labels is just the plant variety 'number' and not the whole variety name -

# 6 Mucho Nacho

The tag just getsjust the ' 6 'Seed starting plant labels'

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  • Thanks for all the info John. Your farm is amazing, what a garden!!

  • John Reilly
    on Dec 20, 2013

    Douglas, these are the only photos I have, we'll have to wait until next spring for more, In the over head picture I've posted earlier, both houses and the one large garage and the garden shed are mine. I keep the weeds down in the flower gardens with leaf mulch.

    seed starting plant labels, cleaning tips, gardening, Douglas This is how I plant my onions about 80 5 inches apart in each row and there are 12 rows that are 6 inches apart I also plant my green beans this way Seeds for beans are set 3 inches apart with the rows 3 inches apartseed starting plant labels, cleaning tips, gardening, When the onions are up a little I ll spread grass clippings for weed control about 4 spreadings keeps the weeds down all growing season I do not do that with the beans because the foliage from the beans keeps weeds at bayseed starting plant labels, cleaning tips, gardening, onions harvested and air dry for a few daysseed starting plant labels, cleaning tips, gardening, potato plants are planted in six rows with two row side by side the plants are 1 1 2 foot apart with the second row also 1 1 2 away and staggered there is 3 foot separation between the double rows for hillingseed starting plant labels, cleaning tips, gardening, The tall stuff that looks like onions is actually garlic I grow cucumbers on the fence and the garlic helps keep the beetles away I ll get a five gallon bucket full around Sept
    • Douglas Hunt
      on Dec 21, 2013

      @John Reilly Your garden—and you harvest—are amazing. I hope you'll share more photos with us next season.

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