They can turn into beautiful modern lamps

PVC is easy to manipulate. Use a sander to sand it down, draw your design & cut with a rotary tool.

They can come together to make a bed canopy

Sand and spray paint PVC pipes, anchors and clamp. Attach them to the wall and voila! Dreamy.

They can transform into funky planters

Use E6000 to glue PVC drain fittings together to get an industrial looking planter.

They can become the most romantic walkway

Connect PVC pipe fittings & cross fittings. Add lights with zip ties then sit back & enjoy.

They make perfect boot stands

Cut circles in a block of wood to insert the PVC fittings & adhere them to get this awesome stand.

They make perfect faux metal napkin rings

Sand down a PVC pipe and carve with a pipe cutter. Spray paint in metallic and you’re done.

They can make adorable toy cubbies

Fill an open rustic crate with PVC pipe segments then paint & glue them in stacks. Isn’t it cute?

They can become easy, convenient book storage

With PVC pipes, crosses, elbows and caps you can build an industrial styled standing shelf.

They can turn into shabby chic play tents

Weave a canvas drop cloth over 4 PVC pipes and add some lace trimming. So gorgeous!

They can become the cutest bracelet stand

Add a horizontal PVC pipe to a block of wood and a dowel by hot gluing them.

They can transform into cute Christmas decor

Cut and swirl a pool noodle with hot glue on top of a PVC pipe stem. It’s a winter wonderland!

They can be sturdy standing planters

Bury a PVC pipe into the ground and add a half cut juice bottle to the stem for the soil and plant.

They make awesome kiddy cup caddies

Don’t drop those kiddy cups! Cut a PVC pipe into small parts then drill them onto a board.

They make outstandingfront door candy canes

Sand and piece the PVC together, then spray paint and add the LED lights. Amazing!