Shut The Front Door! These Pallet Furniture Ideas Are Breathtaking!

If you're a pallet enthusiast, these gorgeous ideas are for you!

By Hometalk Highlights

This pallet coffee bar & console table

Sand two pallets & stand them upright against a wall then add a board over them & paint.

This unicorn spit pallet patio set

Cut and sand spare pallets and paint with unicorn spit. What a gorgeous Adirondack chair and ottoman!

This amazing coffee station wall

Add hooks and clamps to pallet boards & use a jigsaw to create a custom shelf for K-cups.

This rustic pallet board chic chest

Dip some 1x4 pallet boards in vinegar and bring them together with fine cut nails. Tres chic.

This adorable pallet wall clock

Use a jigsaw and drill to cut the pallets, add some mahogany stain, metallic paint & hands.

This intense pallet fire pit station

This beauty was made with 12 repurposed pallets, two types of tar, gravel and a weed barrier.

This pallet bookshelf for your kids

Grab some pallets, some nails, a rope and a hook to recreate this adorable bookshelf.

This incredible pallet patio couch

Cut 15 repurposed pallets in half, place them five across, reuse a small piece for the backboard and voila!

And this backyard one

Use stacked pallets, foam, stained pallet siding some cheap fabric and done. Amazing, right?

This gorgeous pallet patio dining set

Combine 2x2’s and 2x4’s in the measurements of your choice. Then stain them to get this West Elm look.

This rustic boho pallet TV stand

Stack three pallets together, sand and add dark stain and poly to this awesome TV stand.

This gorgeous IKEA desk redo

This RAST got a makeover with a finished pallet top and caster wheels. Stagger the pallets & add plexiglass.

This farmhouse table with gutter planter

Screw some pallets to a horizontal board & cut out the gutter with drainage holes. Sand it & done!

This unbelievable porch bench

First create a frame with thicker slabs and create the base with pallet boards. Attach and sand.

This sea toned cupboard for your loo roll

Cut a few pallet boards then stain before adding the unicorn spit. Glue on a tree bark handle & voila!

This amazing futon with under the bed storage

Cut and sand two layers of pallet wood. Stack them, paint them then screw them together with brackets.