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Linda Brock
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Asked on Jan 29, 2017

How can I restore this old Iron & Wood bench?

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I needs some ideas to restore it! Thank you!
q old iron wood bench, outdoor furniture
q old iron wood bench, outdoor furniture
This is an old bench I found leaning against my brother's engine repair shop after he passed away! The ends and the middle of the back are iron, the outer part the back is wooD and the seating area is totally missing. I need some ideas on how to restore it!
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  • Johnchip
    on Jan 30, 2017

    Sand blast the metal and restore the wood seperately.
    • Linda Brock
      on Jan 31, 2017

      Thank you, but I'm not sure the wood will come off without messing it up! The metal seems to be in great shape, some must have sealed it earlier!
  • Melody Stern
    on Jan 30, 2017

    They sell these benches at many hardware stores,Home Depot,Lowes,Ace Hardware,even Big Lots and some markets. The easiest way would be to go look at one,take pictures,front,back,underneath etc. make a list of the items you need,redwood planks,nuts,bolts, and metal strapping( this is a bendable metal strapping that has holes already punched in it) this attaches underneath in the middle from the first plank to the back plank and up to the back of bench,using screws on each plank if holes will allow! Sand and paint wood part of the top! Notice, there are holes for bolts in the arms.Cut wood to fit in slot (if it is slotted) put bolts in from top of planks and screw nuts from underneath...Good luck! Will be great when you are done!!
  • Hillela G.
    on Jan 30, 2017

    Its going to be so beautiful!!! For the iron part, you're going to have to give it a heavy duty rust removal and then you can paint the wood to give it an updated look ( I suggest chalkpaint), please share when you're done, I can't wait to see!
    • Linda Brock
      on Jan 30, 2017

      It's not rusty, I'm worried about the wood part! Any ideas on how to seal it, should I sand it first, that kind of stuff and suggestions on what to make the seat out of!
  • MN Mom
    on Jan 30, 2017

    Wooden bench replacement slats and kits are available online and often in-store at many home improvement shops like Home Depot and Lowes. They come finished/stained and with easy to understand installation instructions. Make a trip to the store to see a display bench similar to yours and consider purchasing a kit. Good luck! Nice find!
  • Jeannie.mcquaid
    on Feb 1, 2017

    You can bring grungy cast iron up nicely with a simple scrub down and a rub of coconut or olive oil. You'll probably have to sand the wood framing the metal back as I imagine that it has gone furry with weather exposure. Take a look at how the seating boards attached to the side pieces to figure out whether it needs multiple narrow slats or a couple of larger boards. I've seen both styles for seats.
  • Gay L
    on Feb 3, 2017

    Here I am sending you what I did by myself no less and I was a newbee when I did it.
    Cast Iron Bench Restored

    This is how I restored a cast iron bench.
    I bought six WeatherShield 1 x 2 x 8 Pressure-Treated Pine Strips with the rounded edges for $1.97 each at Home Depot and had them bundle cut at Home Depot for free into 12 four-foot strips.

    I used BEHR PREMIUM WOOD COATINGS TRANSPARENT WEATHER PROOFING ALL IN ONE WOOD FINISH left over from weatherproofing our new deck and applied two coats to the strips. I like the natural wood color.

    I used gloss black spray paint for the cast iron sides that was $.97 a can and used new steel bolts and nuts also some 1 inch screws for the small metal braces that fit under the strips. I drilled holes in the strips, inserted bolts and tighten nuts then reinforce with screws in the braces.
    I loved this project. It was so easy and fast and the results were better than I expected. The bench was falling apart, now it’s sturdy, weather-proofed, and ready to add to my new deck.

    This is the before picture you've been waiting for.
    And amazingly the bench still looks like I just restored it even though it's been several years and it is on an uncovered deck.
    Thanks and good luck!
  • Linda Brock
    on Feb 26, 2017

    Thank you GayL
  • Mark Escalera
    on Apr 17, 2019

    I'm having the same question. I have a bench that is exactly the same. the back is the hardest part with that double curve. the bench it easy. finding a large enough single piece of the same wood to cut the arch has been impossible to find

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