Mesh Ribbon Snowman

I found this in a magazine and had to make it! I used a wooden handle off of a toilet plunger, white lights, Mesh ribbon, felt(hat), buttons(all sizes), pipe cleaners or white garbage ties, and lastly a piece of Christmas floral decoration. Wrap the lights around the handle, and loop the white mesh ribbon vertically on the handle for the head. Use a white garbage tie to hold the ribbon. Start looping the mesh ribbon back and forth using the pipe cleaners to hold in the center. After you get the body completed, use craft glue for the buttons on his body( I sewed the buttons and it was VERY hard having to work through the ribbon, due to it being so bulky) Then cut a strip of the red mesh ribbon for the scarf and wrap around the area between the face and body. I sewed the hat myself out of the felt material, and glued the floral decoration on. I gathered the ribbon on his head and placed the hat. Then after getting the hat situated, glue the buttons on for the eyes and nose. Last, I doubled the wire tinsel, making sure the arms were the same length and threaded it between the handle and ribbon in the back. Very fun to do!

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