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Turn Your Seashells Into Beautiful Little Candles

You can get the complete DIY here.
On my parents last trip down to the ocean I asked them to bring me back a bunch of seashells for a craft I wanted to do. And as usual, they didn't disappoint. They brought back a huge assortment of shells.
I had quite a few leftover and wanted to incorporate them into our beachy decor in our house, but wasn't sure how until I stumbled upon a huge bag of leftover tealight candles.
Perfect! Seashell candles for my coffee table!
Let me start out by saying there are many ways that you can do this project, but I was working with what I had available and what was convenient for me and maybe many of you too!
You need some seashells such as clams or scallops, tea light candles, newspaper and your wax warmer. Yep, the wax warmer that delivers beautiful smells into your home.
Set a tea light in your wax warmer where you would put your wax cube. Keep the tea light in the little metal container to make it easy to transfer the wax.
While you could also use purchased candle wax and melt it in a double boiler, I had all these tea lights to use up and this was perfect since I didn't have to stand over the stove.
Let the candle in the wax warmer until all the wax melts completely. You will know it is melted when it turns clear. While you are waiting for your wax to melt, lay out some newspaper and set your shells on top of that. If you accidentally spill your wax or it drips it will be much easier to clean it up this way.
Take the wick out of the candle and set it in the middle of your seashell. Take your melted wax and pour it from the tea light into the seashell.
Wait patiently for the wax to re-harden in your seashell.
I arranged my seashell candles on a plate along with some other small shells for decoration.
You could do the same thing, but with larger shells and using multiple tea lights.
These would also be cute wedding or beach party decor or even given as gifts.
Get more DIY's like this at CrazyDiyMom.com

Materials used for this project:

  • Seashells
  • Tealight candles

To see more: http://www.crazydiymom.com/seashellcandles.html

  • Brenda  S.
    Brenda S. North Brunswick, NJ
    on Feb 1, 2017

    This idea is so wonderful! Looks great :)

  • DN
    DN Orland Park, IL
    on Feb 5, 2017

    Clever! So pretty.

  • Jeannie Carle
    Jeannie Carle Parnell, MO
    on Feb 5, 2017

    How very pretty!

  • Kristie
    Kristie Stantonsburg, NC
    on Feb 5, 2017

    Where were you when my backyard was the beach? When a person lives right on the beach, said person has a lot of company, even from friends they never knew they had. :) And each and every one of them HAS to go shell collecting. Their mini vacation would not be complete without it. Totally understandable. And then, when each and every one of them leaves to go home, each and every one of them leaves their beautiful (and from small tikes, not so beautiful LOL) shells for the "beach owner." (I know....I didn't own the beach.) This DIY would have been great to know. LMBO! Really nice DIY.

    • Kristie
      Kristie Stantonsburg, NC
      on Feb 6, 2017

      LoL I wouldn't know what to do by myself.....besides look for sea shells. :)

  • Brenda
    Brenda Levering, MI
    on Feb 5, 2017

    Very nice idea! These sell for a lot in boutiques and gift shops.

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