Stick mini bins together for tabletop storage

Get some Dollar Tree mini bins and spray paint them metallic, then stack them and glue them. Get tutorial here

Add rhinestone mesh to metal napkin rings

Wrap rhinestone mesh around square then glue it. And it wa sonly $2 from Dollar Tree. Get tutorial here

Spray paint plastic fruit for your end table

Add a touch of gold to your table top decor with some Dollar Tree fruit and metallic spray paint. Get tutorial here

Create an everlasting succulent garden

Grab a Dollar Tree bowl, patio rocks, and plastic succulents and place in the bowl. So cute! Get tutorial here

Reuse mason jars as Salt & Pepper shakers

Create x-mas themed S & P shakers by piercing holes in the lid & adding a tree. Get tutorial here

Turn plain candles beachy for nautical decor

Add a nautical theme to your table by adding Dollar Tree twine, shells & rocks to glass candles. Get tutorial here

Mod Podge foam bunnies to burlap for Easter

Paint Dollar Tree foam stickers, then glue to burlap with and added pom pom. Happy Easter! Get tutorial here

Personalize some mugs for Valentine’s day

Pick up some blank $1 Dollar Tree mugs and a stencil, and get coloring. Lovely table swag. Get tutorial here

Fold crepe paper for a floral centerpiece

Shape strips of Dollar Store crepe paper into flower forms and add to a spare cake stand or vase. Get tutorial here

Label your platters with adorable tins

Designate the food on your spread with mini Dollar Tree tins. Wax them, label them & add greenery. Get tutorial here

Customize a vase for your entryway desk

Decorate a simple vase from the Dollar Tree with glass paint & add a pretty touch to your hall table. Get tutorial here

Glue a glass vase & candle for fall decor

Make a gorgeous vignette with Dollar Tree glass items. Mod Podge some leaves and add glitter! Get tutorial here