Whats your favorite type of flooring for your home?

With tons of new and innovative flooring materials in production, we want to know what you prefer in YOUR OWN home? Is hardwood flooring still the most preferred type of floor? What about the finish? Matte, Satin or Semi-Gloss? What style flooring do you prefer for your home? How about something like the super-trendy "reclaimed hardwood" floor?
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 01, 2017
    My apartment has tiled flooring but I LOVE my parent's kitchen floor- they put in cork flooring. Its good for your back *(esp if you're standing for a while) and the design is a speckled brown so it never looks dirty ( like my white tile flooring always does). Its lasted for about 10 years so far!
    • 18579179 18579179 on Feb 04, 2017
      Wow, 10 years, that's great! Cork is a great product if you want something softer for your feet. Did you know that COREtec floors have cork attached underneath? If your parents ever need to redo their kitchen floors, you can tell them about COREtec. Yes, I know first hand, what you mean by your white tile always looking dirty! Thanks for the comment!
  • William William on Feb 01, 2017
    Personal taste, decorating style, and budget are major factors in choosing flooring. I love the look of wood. Whether real or not. Vinyl plank fooring for the kitchen. Its resilient and a little softer under foot. Laminate and ceramic tile can chip or crack if something heavy is dropped on it. Vinyl planks also in the basement where moisture can be a problem. Ceramic, porcelain, stone in the bathroom with under floor heating. Hardwood, laminate in living room and bedrooms.
    • 18579179 18579179 on Feb 04, 2017
      What a great and thorough reply, thanks so much for the comment! I agree with all the materials you mention for the areas. Sounds like you really know what works, and where! Thanks
  • Great recommendations here! Me, personally, I love any type of real hardwood floor. While I really love the look of the super shiny floors, they are tough to keep spotless, as I have a ton of pets. Matte works best for my lifestyle. Currently I have 14 year old top of the line Pergo in my kitchen and bathrooms. I can't stand it. But it was what I could afford at the time AND the products on the market are now greatly improved from what I have. Think about cleaning, and whether you have kids and pets and what works for your day to day lifestyle. Do you have any health concers re standing? I have had multiple back surgeries and dropped a few pretty pennies on the gel mats for my kitchen. Before a half hour was my max standing time (my house is built on concrete slab - much different than a framed raised foundation), and now I can stand for hours on end. Once you list your needs and wants, make your selection. Then buy the best you can afford.
    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 02, 2017
      I agree Naomie, there is something absolutely wonderful about a real hardwood floor, you just can't go wrong.
  • Philip Redinger Philip Redinger on Feb 02, 2017
    Vinyl planking is the greatest. It's quiet to walk on, low cost and indestructible. We have 5 dogs and the floor still looks like new two years later.
  • Diane B Diane B on Feb 02, 2017
    Have had every kind of flooring except cork (but my bestie has cork) I would love to try for a cork floor. Bamboo is also a possible option. Wood (which I have in my home, for the most part) is wonderful, but needs a lot of caution, especially in the kitchen/gathering room. Tile is fine for upkeep, but very uncomfortable on the back and legs. Laminate is a good sub for wood and I so wish I could have gotten my hands on some of the tile (that looks like wood plank) for the Sunroom. I agree that budget is important, so buy the best you can for the long run.
  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Feb 03, 2017
    I like wood or sturdy carpet.Tiles and that plastic stuff is awful.I have no choice.I am in a rental.The kitchen/dinning room,and hall on the main are that plastic curd!
  • Irene Gronewald Irene Gronewald on Feb 03, 2017
    i would love to have a cork floor to walk bare footed on....dream
  • Liz Liz on Feb 03, 2017
    This may sound strange to some of you, but we're interested in making our home easy care & comfortable. Plus, we have allergies. Home Depot/Lowes carry quality sheet vinyl flooring that looks like stone, (which we put in kitchen/bathrooms), and also some looks like beautiful, wood flooring, in every color stain of wood. It has a 30 year warranty, and is soft/cushy to walk on. It's easy to mop, keeps dust down, & best of all since we have indoor dogs, an "accident" cleans up quick & clean. No urine can drip down between wooden boards, because it's a clean sheet of vinyl. No, it doesn't look tacky, & it's rather expensive, but worth it. It's a thick, high quality vinyl & doesn't peel or scratch. Visitors don't believe it's not wood, & have to touch it to believe it!
  • Bernadette Giacona Bernadette Giacona on Feb 04, 2017
    Look no one talks about this but I will. If you live in Florida, there is no way you can get Laminate flooring, they expect you to use Armstrong or Bona. Forget it, The manufacturers are morons, and the sales reps have never cleaned a house in their lives.... I clean houses... if you look at the flooring and it looks like it has a grain, look closer. Tiny wood grain lines where the black tar from the pavement from outside collects... Here is a sure fire way to give you a heads up. How dirty does your bathroom floor get how dirty does your Kitchen floor get? Now if you use a white cloth to clean it, and you actually get dirt off the floor in any manner than you are NOT a home that can use this flooring. You may use Wood, hard wood where you can use a steamer on low with a fan blowing. The floor company suggests you use those two products by spraying it on the applicator.. NOTHING is removed and I mean it will not remove anything. These companies are the biggest thieves of money. Now if you would like to argue this point with me.... get some of their product get a steamer and use it once on low..... OMG honestly.... Look people it is just paper on the floor why do it? go tile....
  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 04, 2017
    vinyl planking..all the way...pretty tough stuff..easy to clean..
  • Joan Joan on Feb 04, 2017
    Not a fan of wood flooring--It's cold, stains, slippery, scratches, not recommended for elderly or pets and it's a pain to keep clean. Not to mention the cost. Give me carpeting anyday.

    I agree with Liz!--vinyl sheeting products have come a long way from the old days and is affordable, easy to maintain, and easy to install. I put it in my bathroom for only $30 and it's like walking on a cushion and looks just like marble. My friends commented how how beautiful my "marble" floor is :)

    I also used the commerical vinyl tiles for my basement workout room. Again, affordable, easy to maintain, lasts forever, and installation is not expensive.

    Check out other options. There are some great affordable products out there.
    • Liz Liz on Feb 10, 2017
      Joan, thanks for the nice comment about vinyl sheeting products! You're right, it's amazing how far they've come from the old days. (I don't sell flooring.) Smile! However, I encourage people to just take a look at all the beautiful, easy care, durable vinyl at the big box stores. One of our main goals is to "Make Our Lives Easy", and this flooring sure does it. Our Yorkie/Chi's & our granddaughter can make all the messes they like, & we don't mind a bit! Cheers for vinyl. Your "marble" floor sounds beautiful!
  • Marrianne Rudy Marrianne Rudy on Feb 05, 2017
    While I love hardwoods for flooring, I have dogs. I have found a good quality vinyl flooring in a beach driftwood color that I love. For me it's a favorite because of the durability and easy cleanup. I'm disabled so this is the best. Light weight area rugs that can be machine washed are what I use over them.
  • Deb Deb on Feb 07, 2017
    Terrazzo is, without question, my favorite flooring of all times, as terrazzo flooring is stunningly beautiful, smooth and easy to care for (once they're properly cleaned and sealed). Next would be marble tile (laid, tile-to-tile without grout lines), any tile with fairly dark grout, then wood flooring that's not too dull or too glossy. Last for me would be carpeting , because it's difficult to care for, and my cats literally tear it to shreds. Although I've never had the thick vinyl sheet flooring mentioned by Liz and Joan above, a friend did. The vinyl flooring was beautiful - reminded me of terrazzo flooring, lol - and my friend raved about her love for those floors, which she installed herself!

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Feb 10, 2017
    I am a decorator and I live in Florida. Wood is popular but is expensive in upkeep. Laminate has come a long long way and got a bad rap in the beginning. I have seen good quality Laminate in million dollar homes. I have it in my home. It is great if you have children or pets. People don't realize that wood floor require sanding and restaining after a few years. Also granite counter tops need to be resealed every six months. Granite is a stone and is porous. Many people buy this and don't understand the upkeep. I have granite but I reseal it myself, it's not hard to do.

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